EtherCAT I/Os with TwinSAFE SC technology

With the aid of the TwinSAFE SC technology (TwinSAFE Single Channel) it is possible to make use of standard signals for safety tasks in any network or fieldbus. To do this, EtherCAT I/Os from the areas of analog input, position measurement or communication (4…20 mA, incremental encoder, IO-Link, etc.) are extended by the TwinSAFE SC function. The properties typical for the signals and the standard functions of the I/O components are retained. TwinSAFE SC I/Os differ optically from standard I/Os by a yellow stripe on the front of the housing.

The TwinSAFE SC technology enables communication via a TwinSAFE protocol. These connections can be distinguished from the usual secure communication via Safety over EtherCAT.

The data from the TwinSAFE SC components is fed via a TwinSAFE protocol to the TwinSAFE Logic, where it can be used in the context of safety-relevant applications. Detailed examples confirmed/calculated by the TÜV SÜD for the correct application of the TwinSAFE SC components and the respective normative classifications can be found in the TwinSAFE application manual.

Moreover, the ELX terminals are also availabe in combination with TwinSAFE SC technology to implement highly compact solutions that meet the requirements of both intrinsically safe signal transmission and functional safety. Thus, ELX terminals with TwinSAFE SC functionality enable direct connection of intrinsically safe field device through to Zone 0/20.

Ordering information  
System terminals
ELX9560 power supply terminal, 24 V DC, electrically isolated
ELX9012 bus end cover for ELXxxxx, cover for power and E-bus contacts, blue
Analog input
ELX3152-0090 2-channel analog input terminal 0/4…20 mA, single-ended, 16 bit, Ex i, TwinSAFE SC
ELX3202-0090 2-channel input terminal RTD for 2, 3 and 4-wire connection, 16 bit, Ex i, TwinSAFE SC
ELX3204-0090 4-channel input terminal RTD, 2-wire connection, 16 bit, Ex i, TwinSAFE SC
ELX3312-0090 2-channel input terminal thermocouple/mV measurement, 2-wire connection, 16 bit, Ex i, TwinSAFE SC
ELX3351-0090 1-channel analog input terminal strain gauge, 16 bit, Ex i, TwinSAFE SC
ELX3314-0090 4-channel input terminal thermocouple/mV measurement, 2-wire connection, 16 bit, Ex i, TwinSAFE SC
Position measurement
ELX5151-0090 1-channel incremental encoder interface NAMUR, 32 bit, Ex i, TwinSAFE SC